2020 Louisville pure tap 5K® Race Cancelled due to COVID-19

2019 Louisville pure tap 5K® Race Results

Men: Logan Barrett – 15:09.09
Women: Flannery Musk – 17:48.69
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2018 Louisville pure tap 5K® Race Results

Men: David Grieshaber – 16:27.33
Women:Angela Musk – 17:56.61
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2017 Louisville pure tap 5K® Race Results

Men: Michael Eaton – 14:38.86
Women: Chelsea Vane –  19:06.55
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2016 Louisville pure tap 5K® Race Results

Men: Solomon Bennett – 16:43.91
Women: Alissa Bennett – 18:58.76
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2015 Louisville pure tap 5K® Race Results

Men: Patrick Hynes –  16:37.60
Women: Katie Casto Hynes – 18:56.06
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2014 Louisville pure tap 5K® Race Results

Men: Mike Horan – 16:44.71
Women: Anna Schreiner – 20:12.65
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2013 Louisville pure tap 5K® Race Results

Men: Thomas Noel – 16:19.47
Women: Shannon Knabel – 19:08.37
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2012 Louisville pure tap 5K® Race Results
Men: Tony Cotner – 19:06.03
Women:  Shannon Knabel – 19:16.55
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2011 Louisville pure tap 5K® Race Results
Men: Christopher Karpin – 17:33.12
Women: Mary Glover – 20:49.37

The Louisville pure tap 5K® was launched in 2011 as part of the Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon. In 2013, the pure tap 5K® moved to a new date and location and now starts and finishes at the historic Louisville Water Tower on River Road. It is the first race in the Louisville Sports Commission’s Fall Runathon, a series of three races that provide unique courses and quality experiences for runners and walkers, while promoting healthy lifestyles for people of all ages and fitness levels.