Louisville Water Company Pure Tap 5K Run Walk

If you are interested in volunteering at the Louisville Pure TapTM 5k, you can sign up online HERE. Any questions about volunteering can be sent to volunteer@louisvillesports.org.


Our Louisville Pure TapTM 5k volunteers are expected to act in a manner that creates a positive, safe and fun atmosphere for runners and spectators. 

Volunteer Code of Conduct

• Conduct yourself as a positive, informative member of our volunteer team. Consider how long these runners have been training, and help celebrate their accomplishments.

• Follow all your volunteer captain’s instructions. They are in place for the safety of our runners and spectators.

• Refrain from using profane, harassing or any other language that could be considered offensive.

• Refrain from using any and all drugs, alcohol and tobacco products.

• Respect and treat all event participants with dignity and kindness; Louisville is known for our hospitality

Volunteer Guidelines

• Please check in at your designated volunteer check-in location as soon as you arrive.

• The Louisville Pure TapTM 5k staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items. It is highly recommended that volunteers leave all valuables at home.

• Volunteers must wear their volunteer shirt for the duration of their shift.

• Volunteers may be required to stand for most or all of their shift. Please dress comfortably and appropriately for your assignment.

• Volunteers must plan to work for the entirety of their shift.

• Please do not bring children or pets to your volunteer shift location. These could be considered distractions from your responsibilities and otherwise create a safety concern for our participants.